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Best Place To Order Phentermine Online, Buy Adipex Online Cheap

Construction Sealants Ltd are pleased to announce our first contract with Bridgestone Construction, at Radclyffe Park in Ordsall. We were asked to go to site to carry out external and internal works to four blocks all by date deadlines, so the site can hand over. Externals included expansion joints to suit the brickwork colour – blue charcoal and buff, and external windows & doors using anthracite grey. Internals are to include the WC, pedestal, shower/bath, and vinyl.

The final phase of the award-winning Radclyffe Park development in Ordsall, close to Salford Quays is underway. The scheme, which comprises a mix of one and two-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom houses overlooks Ordsall Park and will support economic growth, regeneration and meet local housing needs. These homes will be allocated to key workers and those in housing need on the Council’s housing register. Radclyffe Park Residential is located within walking distance to MediaCityUK, Exchange Quay and it is also close to Salford Quays Metrolink, which provides a fast and frequent service into Manchester city centre in as little as nine minutes.

Phentermine 40 Mg Phentermine 37.5 Buy UkPhentermine Cheapest

Construction Sealants and Bridgestone Construction have just started working together in partnership. CSL strive to ensure with and our experience and expertise, like all other projects that Construction Sealants undertakes, is on time and on budget.

Our workforce undergoes extensive training and are all qualified to NVQ Level 2. Ensuring that we can sustain the highest of standards of work on sites across the UK. With a consultative approach to each project, we pride ourselves on the ability to apply the best-suited sealants to meet the building’s requirements. Our dedicated approach to each project is often commented on by our clients as we strive to offer the most affordable sealant solution in the industry. This has resulted in most of the work coming from repeat business from our previous customers. And why we pride ourselves as being one of the top UK Mastic and Sealant companies.


Construction Sealants Ltd supplied and installed Everbuild S50 & 825 on this project. For more information on this product please click the image below, where you can open the technical data sheets and place an order online with us. We also offer trade accounts for large orders and frequent buyers.

“Everbuild Tecnic S50 Silicone is perfect for sealing around all types of baths, shower trays as well as an expansion joint and corner sealing of ceramic tiles.”

“Everbuild Tecnic silicone 825 can be used as a weather sealing and joint sealing to pre-formed panels and curtain walling, glazing sealing and draught proofing.”

Why Choose Construction Sealants?

Construction Sealants Limited’s client list boasts some of the UK’s largest and most well-known construction companies. We aim to provide our customers with a level of service that few of our competitors can match, from the supply of quality sealants to the trade through to the application of specified sealants by a skilled workforce.

With the additional determination to provide your company with a highly competitive quote along with the highest quality products, we can help you to manage your costs effectively and maintain essential profit. We would be delighted to undertake a site visit enabling us to submit a guaranteed fixed price schedule and a comprehensive, detailed specification.

In choosing Construction Sealants Limited, you can depend on the following unrivaled accreditations.

  • Accredited and approved to CHAS, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Standards.
  • Members of the Association of Sealant Applicators which provides a ‘Price Warranty Bond’.
  • Fully compliant NVQ Level2 Workforce.
  • MEWP & PASMA trained operatives.

Stocks we install and supply

Speak to our professional team for a Ordering Phentermine 37.5 01708 555 007
Phentermine Ordering Online