Anti-pick is highly durable for joints in such facilities as mental institutions, prison, secure areas, hospitals where the sealant is hard to reach in and around the perimeter of doors, windows and heavy cladding. Even public areas, kennels and catteries. The purpose of this type of sealant is to prevent any vandalism or damage while still maintaining all the sealant properties required in a joint such as keeping the integrity of the building/structure.


The products we use

Anti-pick mastic is a highly durable products that allow small movement for the area where the normal sealant is not hard enough, with an excellent resistant to compressive stress.

As the name implies this is a pick resistant sealant with:

  • Excellent impact and wear resistance
  • Excellent primer-less adhesion to most surfaces such as metals, most plastics glass and -polyester.
  • High UV and aggressive atmosphere resistance.
  • Brilliant resistant to chemicals and fuel.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.


We offer two products for use such as Anti-pick pick 109, being a hybrid technology of the best properties of ever build’s hyberflex and silicone products. While Stay seal 75 non-pick is a two-part epoxy sealant.


CSL Applicators

Our skilled workforce understands the importance of selecting the correct sealant that is best suited to the specifications of your building. Our professionals ensure upon application that all surfaces are clean and dust free, all loose or flaking surface coatings, and old sealant and mastic joints, are removed before application.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this specialist field, ensuring that the most suitable acoustic sealant is applied to offer you the most effective acoustic insulation. Our applicators undergo 1 to 2 years of training and are all NVQ Level 2 certified.

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