Sanitary & Wet Areas

These products contain a powerful anti-fungicide to prevent mould growth and can be overpainted. Their added benefits include permanently flexibility, adheres to most surfaces, easy clean up by wiping with a wet cloth. Used for sealing on floors, walls, ceilings and window frames of the clean room and around light fittings and installation units.

We use a large selection of mastic sealants to adhere to the requirements of the sanitary application of a watertight seal with a professional finish to not only prevent passage of air, water or chemicals but to a visual finish as well. With sealants that contain fungicides to battle any growth of bacteria or mould in those essential areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and many more. Our experienced team can recommend the best sealants for your needs and with our level 2 NVQ qualified force, we will provide a professional service which ensures it is applied efficiently, effectively and exactly to how you want it.

With the high demand for colours over the years, we’ve increased our options to an extensive range so we can guarantee we have the one you want. We can come to survey your site to recommend the best one for it.

CSL Applicators

Our skilled workforce understands the importance of selecting the correct sealant that is best suited to the specifications of your building. Our professionals ensure upon application that all surfaces are clean and dust free, all loose or flaking surface coatings, and old sealant and mastic joints, are removed before application.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this specialist field, ensuring that the most suitable acoustic sealant is applied to offer you the most effective acoustic insulation. Our applicators undergo 1 to 2 years of training and are all NVQ Level 2 certified.

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