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MAPESIL AC – Internal Silicone Sealants – (BOX OF 12)




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Product Description:

MAPESIL AC is a high quality, one part, acetic based, mildew resistant, silicone sealant for internal and external use. MAPESIL AC can be used for bathrooms, kitchens, showers and even swimming pools when used with primer! MAPESIL AC colours also match Mapei Ultracolour Plus grout, and some colours available in Mapesil LM.

This product comes in a 310ml cartridge. Colour: Full Mapei Range, 42 colours available. Please note: This is not a guaranteed non-staining sealant material, please contact Mapei technical if unsure of your application or check the attached data and technical sheets.


White 100, Moon White 103, Manhattan 110, Silver Grey 111, Medium Grey 112, Cement Grey 113, Anthracite 114, River Grey 115, Musk Grey 116, London Grey 119, Black 120, Jasmine 130, Vanilla 131, Beige 132, Sand 133, Silk 134, Golden Dust 135, Mud 136, Carribean 137, Almond 138, Pink Powder 139, Caramel 141 ,Brown 142, Terracotta 143, Chocolate 144, Terra Di Siena 145, Volcano Sand 149, Yellow 150, Liquorice 152, Voilet162, Corcous Blue 170, Turquoise 171, Space Blue 172, Tornado 174, Limestone 299, White Sand 316, Pebble 317, Oyster 318, Sand Storm 319, Soft Stone 320, Pearl 321, Transparent 999

Perfect for the sealing expansion joints, sanitary ware, ceramics, glass, wood frames & swimming pools (with Primer FD). Many interior and exterior uses. Waterproof, impermeable to vapour and resistant to chemical agents.

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Additional Information

Additional Info:
Almond, Anthracite, Beige, Black, Brown, Caramel, Carribbean, Cement Grey, Chocolate, Crocus Blue, Golden Dust, Jasmine, Limestone, Liquorice, London Grey, Manhattan, Medium Grey, Moon White, Mud, Musk Grey, Oyster, Pearl, Pebble, Pink Powder, River Grey, Sand, Sand Storm, Silk, Silver Grey, Soft Stone, Space blue, Terra Di Siena, Terracotta, Tornado, Transparent, Turquoise, Vanilla, Violet, Volcano Sand, White, White Sand, Yellow,

Brand: Mapei,

Volume: Box of 12 - 310ml Cartridges


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