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FOSROC Primer 7 – Surface primer for polysulphide sealant 500ml




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Product Description:

FOSROC Primer 7 comes as a single part benefits from being ready to use. FOSROC Primer 7 is a brush on liquid, that prepares and improves porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, brickwork, timber and unglazed edges of ceramic tiles prior to the application of Thioflex 600 Polysulphide sealant.

This product comes in a 500ml tin.

Hand screw top. Easy to use, brush applied primer. Essential for use with the ever-popular polysulfide sealant Thioflex 600. FOSROC Primer 7 is widely used for sealing movement joints in building and even civil engineering structures!

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Brand: Fosroc,



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