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OTTOCOLL M 500 – The water-resistant premium hybrid adhesive/sealant


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Product Description:

This adhesive and sealant has excellent adhesion on practically any substrate such as wood, glass, metal (e.g. aluminium, brass, copper), rigid and soft PVC, bricks, tiles and stone, it can even be applied in damp conditions as well as underwater! OTTOCOLL M500 is suitable for interior and exterior use.

OTTOCOLL M500 once cured can be easily sanded and painted over and it’s compatible with a variety of paint systems. OTTOCOLL M500 is a stain-free sealant thus causes no migration stains and therefore suitable for marble and natural stone. This product comes in 300ml cartridges. Colours: White C01, Grey C02, Black C04.

1 component adhesive and sealant based on silane-terminated polymers (hybrid). Low odour. Compatible with coatings according to DIN 52452. This is a silicone-free and isocyanates free product. Benefits of being weather and age resistant.

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Black, Grey, White,

Brand: OTTO,



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