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OTTO Smoothing Agent – 250ml – 1L



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Product Description:

OTTO Smoothing agent is designed for the smoothing of sealant surfaces including silicone, polyurethane and MS hybrid polymer sealants. OTTO Smoothing agent is not suitable to be used for marble and other natural stones.

This product comes in either a 250ml bottle, 1L bottle.

An aqueous solution of surface-active substances. Dermatologically tested ingredients. Does not dry out the skin.

Can be diluted with water; 2 (smoothing agent): 1 (water). Keeps the shine of the sealant surface intact. Colouring pigments of the sealant are not washed off.

Delivery time estimated 5 – 7 working days.

Additional Information

Additional Info:

Brand: OTTO,

Volume:250ml Bottle OR 1L Bottle.


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