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OTTO Fugenfux Smoothing Tools


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Product Description:

OTTO Fugenfux smoothing tools are designed as a long-handled, soft rubber tooling stick with various sized tooling heads, these are used mainly for scraping excess mastic sealants such as silicones. They are ideal for creating concave profiles to a finished joint and professional finishing to flush joints etc.

The long handle design and small heads make awkward joints such as behind taps etc. easier to reach and tool with these unique Fugenfux smoothing tools.

Set of 5 includes: 6.5mm / 8.5mm / 10mm / 12.5mm (and a unique rounded tool). 

Soft and flexible heads with various curved constructions. Lightweight and manoeuvrable scraping tools. A very handy accessory for mastic sealant applicators and glass fitters etc.

Delivery time estimated 5 – 7 working days.

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Brand: OTTO,



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