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FOSROC Nitroseal MS600


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FOSROC Nitoseal MS600 can be used for reservoirs, sewage tanks, sea walls (non-tidal), basements, subways, bridges and superstructures! FOSROC Nitoseal MS600 is a single component, however, has a fast cure rate. It is easy to apply at low temperatures and can even be applied to damp substrates.

FOSROC Nitoseal MS600 is Isocyanate free. Nitoseal MS600 is a one part medium modulus sealant based on hybrid silyl modified polyether technology. It forms a tough, highly durable and water-resistant elastomer. FOSROC Nitoseal MS600 also conforms to the Water Supply (water quality) Regulations 2000 and 2001 Regulations 31 (4b) for products having a small surface area in contact with water for public supply.

This product comes in a 600ml foil tube.

Exhibits excellent water resistance. Excellent resistance to dilute acids and alkali. Cures to a tough, elastic rubber seal. Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movement. High resistance to ageing, reduces physical damage due to climatic extremes.

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