145 Butyl Sealant

Everbuild Everflex 145 Butyl Sealant


Over paintable. Adheres to most common building surfaces. Semi-drying – forms a surface skin but remains permanently elastic beneath. High solids formulation – excellent gap filling properties without shrinkage. Good external weathering properties. Price Ex. VAT

Product Description

Everbuild Everflex 145 Butyl Sealant is a traditional permanently plastic one component sealant based on polybutene that provides an effective weatherproof seal in a variety of exterior and interior applications. 145 Butyl Sealant forms a skin in 24 hrs but remains permanently plastic underneath. The sealant accommodates joint movement of +/- 5%, is over paintable and exhibits good UV and chemical resistance. This product comes in a 310ml cartridge. Colour: Grey.