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Stayseal 75 Non-Pick

Everbuild Stayseal 75 Non-Pick


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Product Description:

Everbuild Tecnic Stayseal 75 Non-Pick is a two-part epoxy sealant which cures to form a hard non-pick and chemical resistant seal, accommodating small movement in extension and large movement in compression. Typical uses include Secure and public environments requiring a vandal resistant seal, perimeter sealing of cell windows, doors and sanitary ware, floor and wall joints in and around swimming pools, compression joints, shower rooms and areas subject to permanent water immersion, chlorine and sea water resistant.

This product comes in a 1.2-litre tin. Colours: White, Grey.

Two-part. Easy to mix epoxy sealant. Cures to form a hard pick-resistant seal. Accommodating small movement in extension. The large movement in compression. Excellent impact, wear and chemical resistance. Resistant to picking. Prices Excl. VAT

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Additional Info:
Grey, White,

Brand: Everbuild,



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